The BTM project was funded by the European union (EU) and implemented by united purpose formerly concern universal , it was launched on the 1st of August 2017 the regional education office in Brikama west coast region. The project targets directly 8,000 small holds farmers seventy-five percent (75%) of whom are women implemented through six local NGOs and four marketing federations throughout the five regions of the country.

The project strengthens women’s kafos (cooperatives) and enables them to establish effective regional Marketing Federations which increases women’s access to and reinforces and builds upon the support mechanisms that women use to increase their economic opportunities. Building the capacity of these marketing federations to be resource hubs that share resources, information and skills, improves women’s access to the economic and social resources they need and want to enable them to increase their income. Formation and strengthening of federations also result in women-led advocacy, promoting access to productive resources such as capital, land and materials.

ALVs, OFSP and PM: rationale

Nutritional benefits of biofortified crops

  • ALVs: For a child aged 1-3, 100gr of fresh leaves provide all daily requirements of Ca, 75% of Fe and half the protein needs, as well as important supplies of potassium, B complex vitamins, copper and all essential amino acids. 20gr of fresh leaves provides a child with the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of Vit A and C. For pregnant and breast feeding women, moringa leaves and pods significantly contribute to preserve the mother’s health and pass on the strength to the fetus or nursing child. 100gr of leaves can provide a woman with over 30% her RDA of Ca and important quantities of Fe, protein, copper, sulfur and B-vitamins.
  • OFSP: OFSP is a source of Vit A. All orange varieties are high in Vitamin A, ranging from 3,000 to 16,000 ug/100 grams. Consuming 125gr a day of OFSP meets the RDA. OFSP is complemented by groundnuts with the groundnut oil commonly used in Gambian cooking increasing Vit A absorption.
  • PM: It has been shown that iron bio-fortified PM doubles doubles Fe absorption in young women and children. Switching from consumption of regular PM to bio-fortified PM we can expect a doubling the intake of Fe. Combined with food preparation that enhances Fe absorption further, and increased consumption of ALV rich in Fe and Vit C, we will offer mothers options for providing young children with meals that fulfill their daily Fe requirements.

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