Environment/Agroforestry/Agriculture Projects

Project Name: Njau Women’s Community Forest

Reforest the Future Project aims to regenerate and reforest community owned land in surrounding villages in Njau. We have spent 2 years building an indigenous tree nursery and medicinal herb garden in Njau, WIG headquarters. We have collected indigenous seeds and tree species which are extremely rare and are using this site to educate women and youths.  The project is geared towards supporting the community in growing a forest of indigenous trees that would serve as a laboratory for the study of traditional medicine.

Our work aims to inspire other villages to start tree nurseries and preserve indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants and trees. We wish to use permaculture practices to desalinate and rebuild desert soils and begin to reforest degraded land with edible and indigenous trees to improve food security and economic opportunity through sale of tree and agricultural products. We are also committed to tackle climate change and desertification through education, which is causing people to migrate away from their lands.