UNDP(United Nations Development Program) funding girls in schools

Description of the program: Young Environmental Change

Where: CRR(Central River Region) in The Gambia

School Gardening

Young Environmental Change/Days for Our Girls

In the target regions of The Gambia, vegetable consumption and lack of access to nutritious food are key among young school-going children.  The inability of young school children to have access to nutritious food to strengthen their immune system has brought about a lot of malnutrition issues within these schools and families at community level, leading to many diseases among children. It has also led to the poor performance of children in school due to the number of times that they have to be absent from school as a result of malnutrition-related illnesses. 

Our goal is toenhance the consumption of fresh agricultural products for schools in The Gambia. A total number of five (5) lower basic schools will be targeted in terms of providing them with garden inputs and implements, in order to enable them grow vegetable crops in their school gardens to supplement their feeding programme.

WIG Field Staff carrying out an Assessment of Young Environmental Change/Days for Our Girls in the Central River Region (CRR) North. Our target is to start with ten schools in developing a module that could then be rolled out in schools across the country.  Sustainable Developments starts with informing future generation and getting them prepared for the challenges ahead.